About the band

Po Zagonach is a folk music group formed in the autumn of 1997. Ever since that time its members have been entertaining the public both at home and abroad with their frivolous songs, lively polkas and fiery oberkas, all of them genuine traditional tunes that have been worked out into artistically accomplished units in cooperation with late Mr. Ludwik Rok – a famous expert of folk music. The tunes originate in different parts of Poland: Łowicz, Rzeszów, Kielce, Silesia, Stary Sącz and Greater Poland. All precious traditional characteristic patterns of performance are on the group’s minds regarding both frame and interpretation of songs, when it comes to preparing their musical material and providing for its authenticity. The Po Zagonach band, however, is not only limited to traditionally performed polish folk tunes. The members do not hesitate to reach for modern means of expression as well expanding the use of instruments and performing tunes that come from countries other than Poland.


In 1999 Po Zagonach were awarded the first prize in the Interstate Congress of Folk Bands, Singers, Instrumentalists and Storytellers in the town of Żnin. In 2002 they participated in the „New Tradition 2002 Folk Music Festival” organized by the Polish Radio – Radio Folk Culture Branch; and in the „Mikołajki Folkowe” folk music festival. On many occasions Po Zagonach performed abroad taking part in a variety of folklore festivals in Bavaria, Serbia, France, Belgium, Luxembourg, Netherlands, Austria et al.


The group has so far recorded 3 albums: Pola nutą malowane (1998), Tnie kapela (2000) i Heca kieca (2009).

Basic line-up