Concert offer

The Po Zagonach group offers a wonderful show consiting of polish traditional tunes, performed with artistry, refinement and subtlety , with every bit as much professionalism and virtuoso technique. Lively polkas, fiery oberkas, frivolous songs, and also tunes taken from foreign folklore: slovakian, bohemian, serbian, moldavian, macedonian, bulgarian, irish, german, scandinavian.

Performed on acoustic („alive”) instruments, create a unique feel-at-home rustic atmosphere.

Our performances are suitable for all kinds occasions regardless whether they are to be held indoors or outdoors. In a particularly emphatic way, we should say, we consider our music worthy of recommendation for harvest home festivals, garden parties, both municipal and rural, picknics, banquets and jubilees. We accept just as enthusiastically invitations to weddings, knowing exactly how to adorn them beautifully with our music, encouraging to dance and providing for a traditional „oczepiny” custom.